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The Audit Tab & Maximizing Registrations
The Audit Tab & Maximizing Registrations

A brief synopsis of how Mogul identifies missing royalties through our Audit tab.

Updated over a week ago

Once you've gone ahead and connected a number of Sources the Mogul app should automatically start making estimates as to how much in royalties may be out there for you across Sound Recording and Publishing Rights. These estimates can be viewed on your 'Homepage' as well as on the 'Audit' page.

In this current iteration of Mogul, the audit that is being performed is specifically a Registration Audit. Assuming you should be receiving Sound Recording and Publishing rights royalties across your catalog you should be receiving income from the following channels:

Our system looks at all tracks and compositions in your catalog and finds if there are any gaps from a royalty flow standpoint. We then list out what not been registered. From here, you can take this list of tracks and compositions and make sure it is registered at your PRO, Publishing Administrator, or Neighboring Rights collections agency. Here's what the experience looks like:

We hope you find this service helpful and gives you the peace of mind that your registrations will remain tight and up to date! Reach out to [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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