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How to Download Your Earnings and Statements From District
How to Download Your Earnings and Statements From District

A quick guide to getting your info and connecting it with Mogul.

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District is a YouTube MCN of promoter channels (see example) that also provides Content ID and distribution on behalf of the promoter channels it services. If you've signed up, you've likely gotten some exposure on one of these channels in exchange for a percentage of your distribution and YouTube revenue.

District has one of the more difficult backends to navigate so be sure to pay close attention!

Step 1: Log in to District (formerly EDMDistrict) at We’ve noticed that not everyone has a login, so if you do not have one please reach out to your contact at District to get set up with one.

Step 2: Select the "Companies" icon from the left hand navigation bar

Step 3: Select your name or business name that you would like to download reports for

Step 4: Navigate to the "Reports" tab within your business dashboard

Step 5: Select the "Artist Name" you would like to download reports for. Associated with the Artist name should include the Promoter Channel/Label your release went through.

Step 6: Select the "Reports" tab for the Artist/Promoter Channel

Step 6: Navigate to "Financial Reports" (not Financial Summary) to get a list of .CSV file downloads on a month-by-month basis. Download each earnings file by selecting the appropriate link which will trigger a unique download for each file.

And voila! You are done!

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